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OEM Manufacturing


OEM Manufacturing

L3 Warrior Systems provides complete system solutions, core technologies – including Gen III image intensifier tube (I2) technology – advanced focal plane arrays and thermal imaging cores, as well as training, repair and logistics services.

Warrior Systems has achieved U.S. Military recognition for the design, development and manufacturing of products that meet and exceed the specifications that MIL-SPEC quality demands. We also work closely with our non-military customers to customize our proprietary designs in accordance with their requirements.

• ISO 9001:2008 Certified
• MIL-SPEC & Commercial Manufacturing
• U.S. Facilities
• Optics Fabrication and Coatings
• Electro-Optical Manufacturing
• CAD Engineering
• Electro-Optical Systems
• Custom Prototypes
• Logistics and Customer Support
• Fully Export/Import Compliant
• Full-Time Legal/Patent Staff

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