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Infrared Products (IRP)


Infrared Products (IRP)


L3 Infrared Products (IRP), produces a range of uncooled, long-wave, wafer-level and vacuum-packaged infrared Focal Plane Arrays (FPAs) that are incorporated into a wide variety of thermal imaging systems and fused solutions for military and commercial applications. The IRP FPA is based on state-of-the-art amorphous silicon material that provides outstanding response and image quality over a broad temperature range. The performance of this FPA is excellent in the long-wave IR spectrum, but it also provides good response in the mid-wave spectrum when that option is selected. IRP’s is the only uncooled FPA that can operate at very high frame rates with no loss in performance. The current product line includes its 17 µm 320 x 256 FPA and 17 µm 640 x 480 FPA.

Outstanding Image Quality for Multiple Applications

L3 Infrared Products (IRP) is a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial FPAs that are high-quality, affordable and used in thermal technology products by ground forces and urban tactical teams in support of public safety, homeland security, military and commercial applications.

All objects, both natural and man-made, emit infrared energy as heat. By detecting very subtle temperature differences of everything in view, infrared thermal imaging technology reveals what otherwise would be invisible to the naked eye. Even in complete darkness and challenging weather conditions, thermal imaging gives the operator the ability to see the unseen.

L3 IRP FPAs deliver high-performance infrared technology solutions for a wide variety of thermal imaging applications all with exceptional value. The uncooled amorphous silicon technology provides impressive image quality using low power
in small and flexible form factors. L3 IRP’s wafer-level vacuum-packaged FPA is also an extremely compact and light-
weight design. L3 IRP incorporates a flex for connection to the camera electronics, which affords greater flexibility in the layout of the circuit cards and the overall thermal camera configuration.

Serving the U.S. Military, Law Enforcement, Security Professionals and Fire and Rescue Teams

• Reconnaissance and Tactical
• Security and Surveillance
• Protecting the Waterfront
• Securing Borders and Perimeters
• Intelligence Gathering
• OEM for Unmanned Air, Ground
and Underwater Systems
• Commercial Consumer Markets


The only uncooled IR FPA with global shutter/snapshot mode capability and superior resolution.
Heat signature is detected in daylight, smoke no-light, and extreme weather conditions
for surveillance and target detection.